Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh Deer!

This sweet deer is from a pattern by Elisabeth A Doherty in her book Amigurumi! Super Happy Crochet Cute. It has weighted feet, I put poly beads inside of pieces of old pantyhose and knotted the ends and placed them inside the legs. Did I say placed? I mean shoved them in, stabbing with a crochet hook several times to get them in there. Anyway it stands up really well. I already had all the right materials for the whole project in my large collection, even the right beads and sequins for the darling spots on the back of this fawn. My name is Amy Differ and I am a craft supply addict.

Pretty Pony

I made this pony from a pattern by Nicki Trench in her book Super-Cute Crochet. Very sweet!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Starfish, girl style

This is another of my own design, this time for a girl that likes purple, and what girl doesn't?

Green Puppy

Green Puppy likes to play with Friday, as long as Friday promises not to bite. Friday is a good boy and chews on his bone not his new friend. But then again, Friday is behind me right now trying to sneak a bite of my lunch.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Three Friends in a Boat

These three friends are all strong swimmers but sometimes they take their boat so they can chat, play catch with Harbor Seal's beach ball, and make nachos.

The octopus and harbor seal are from patterns by Nicki Trench.  The starfish and the boat are my own design.

Snowman dreams of surfing

I made this snowman from a pattern by Nicki Trench, modified a bit for my own taste. There is not a whole lot of snow on Southern California beaches so this snowman dreams of becoming a surfer.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

3 Super Scary Amigurumi

I made three of the projects from Nicki Trench's book Super Scary Crochet-35 Gruesome Projects to Sink Your Hook Into.  They were perfect little Halloween gifts. One was "Natty the Batty. " I made him as instructed but I wasn't happy with the felt teeth so I hand made some out of FEMO clay and glow-in-the-dark paint.

The next one I made was the Pocket Ghost:

Finally, I made "Walter the Werewolf" and here my modifications were a variegated more wolfy body color, the handmade teeth, and hairier hair. It looks awesome!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tea Time Silk Scarf

This is an original, all my own design, hand painted silk scarf . It's a pretty good size, 14" x 70"

Screen Printed T-shirts

I got my old silk screen printing frame out of the garage, I have some ideas for using it to apply resist for silk painting. It had Alfred's Interworld Transport logo on it, so I thought, before I change it out I would print up some shirts. I made one for each of us and also put one on Alfred's gray messenger bag. One cool thing, Alfred, Julian and I all had the same medium size t-shirt! It was only a year or so ago that we were in the exes and Julian was in the children's sizes.

Stretchy Band Tech Accessory Board

Sewn over cardboard with stretchy headbands, this board is perfect for keeping your computer accessories neat and easy to find in your computer bag. Alfred swooped in on this one, but I can make another for you.

Garden Tote Bag

Crocheted in cotton in garden greens and yellows with an outside pocket, it has comfortable long straps that are perfect for leisurely shopping but are a little too long for grocery shopping. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Ladylike Lace" Gloves

I crocheted some gloves from "Stitch n' Bitch Crochet, The Happy Hooker" They came out a little loose so I'm thinking my yarn was a little bit bigger than it should have been for this project, but not way out. I'm not crazy about the color either, but I had to grab a project to take with me on the plane and I thought, I can always dye them. I still might.