Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Julian's Hoodie

I wanted to make Julian a hooded sweater because he is sensitive to light and sound and these sweaters help him to block out a little of that. I wanted to make it non-itchy because he is also sensitive to that. I chose the boy's pattern from Berroco Vintage family but used the Berroco comfort yarn instead of their Vintage. I like the look of the pattern and the fact that it has a zipper. Everything worked out pretty well and the sweater looks nice, but unfortunately it's a bit too small. :(  I think the pattern was kinda small but I measured Julian and checked my gauge and added stitches to the largest size, but with this yarn, if you knit 10 inches a couple days later it's 8 inches. I think this is what really shrank it down. It has a lot of stretch though.