Friday, April 23, 2010

Art Lesson

I am teaching art to my son's class. It's a fifth grade class for IEP students in a regular elementary school. These kids are awesome! It's amazing to think of the autistic boys, all the stuff going on in their heads, all the distractions around them they have to push past mentally just to complete the project, and it shows how much they really love art that they stick to it for most of an hour to get it done. This project was one where they had photos of birds that they drew with colored pencils and then added feathers using torn tissue paper and glue. I got a couple shots of their display of the project in the hallway but all I had with me was my camera phone.
I did another project with them today. I'll get a photo of it soon and post it.

Edit: new photos added

Wall Organizer

I made this patriotic red white and blue organizer for my husband for work. His new work likes him to keep things neat and those who know him know that this is a challenge for him. I hope this helps. The pattern is in "Lily Sugar 'n Cream Kitchen Essentials (to crochet)" I especially love the cool textured porcelain buttons I found at Jo-Ann. The driftwood was from our local beach, of course.