Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thread crochet edging for my cut offs

I love my new cut off capris but the edges were unraveling too much.  I didn't want to hem them, I liked the raw edge and the length, so I needed to secure them by sewing near the edge. Then I thought, as long as I was sewing, I could add some lace or something, but instead of buying some, I picked up a ball of burgundy thread and crocheted it.

Pink Dolphin

Another toy for my niece, this time she wanted a pink dolphin. I used a pattern from Crochet! July 2010 by Sonja Hood. I changed the colors, used pre-made plastic eyes and added a yellow plastic flower button. I like to think that dolphins would wear flowers if they could. Sometimes in real life they will carry a piece of colorful coral for no practical reason and others will follow the "fashion" and carry one too.